Why am I still alive?

  December 5th, 2009 by Hyacynth

1. Remember the old lady at the grocery store, the one with out the smile on her face? You smiled at her and looked at her eyes. You made her happy. Thats why you are alive.

2. Remember the dog you saw in the park? The mutt that came up to you and wagged her tail? You rubber her ears. She so longed for the touch of a kind person. That’s why you are still alive.

3. Remember the beautiful flower garden you saw last week? Did you look at it? No? Why not? Go back and look at the flower garden again. Take a camera. Get down close to the flowers and photograph each and every one. Flowers are living things you know, yes they are living because otherwise they would be dead.

4. Remember you did nothing wrong. You did not ask for the abuse. The abuser will be the one to pay for his crime. Even in his own death process he will remember his crimes of hatered and his sins and guess what, its too late for him to take it back. He will always live eternallly with those images taunting him. The best part of all is that you will never be a part of his life again.

5. Remember there is someone that needs you, even if only for a moment. You may nevver know the difference you made in that person’s life. Then again, that person may latch onto you like gravy on “taters” and you will have a life long friend to share laughter with, good times, joy, as well as the bad times.

Remember, always remember, you are a wonderful daughter of Heavenly Father. You willing counseled with him before you came here and you knew the suffering you would have. You agreed that these were things you need to learn. So now, it’s up to you to find the real you and turn on the sunshine so that others will feel your love and joy the minute you walk into a room.

Look for those around you, even those whose names you don’t know yet, for there is love and goodness in the world and there are millions of people who wouldl put their arms around you and teach you how to protect yourself and how to be of service to your fellowman.

You are a good person; and by the way, I noticed your eyes; you have beautiful eyes. They make me happy and look at me, I’m smiling with you. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and if that’s true, the one glimse into your eyes that I just had, showed me a beautiful person just waiting like a seed to bloom.


Grams Hyacynth

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