Poems from my heart

  January 8th, 2010 by shatteredheart

A shattered piece of glass
Lying on the ground
A million little pieces
Scattered all around
Everyone walks by
They only look and stare
No one ever stops
No one seems to care
The shattered little pieces
Dig farther in the ground
Until they disappear
Never to be found
If someone would have stopped
If someone would have cared
These shattered little pieces
Could have been repaired.

Words that can’t be spoken
That only cause you pain
You hold inside while they burn
But they never go away
In this world there is no hope
Nothing can suffice
Until that one comes back to you
Brings love back to your life
Love can make you crazy
Love can bring you pain
But that one who gives these feelings
Makes it worth it in the end

My head is spinning with the memories of you
The love we once had before you were through
My heart is aching
I’m trapped in the dark
A pain that’s so deep
its so hard to stop

I stand, looking in a box at a girl I once knew
This girl looks at peace
This is where she wants to be
She looks of life even though she is not
She used to be happy, caring and had a smile for all
Until the day came
When her whole world was taken from her
Her brightness quickly faded
No more smiles, no more joy
Her eyes red from salt filled tears
She was broken
One thing could save her
It never came
She lay in her bed
And fell into a deep sleep
Finally she was happy
No more worries
Here I stand
Looking in a box at a girl I once knew

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