April 17th, 2010 by Kathy.Castillo

Everyday they kill me more and more.
The kids, at school, its like they have nothing better to do than call me names. and push me around. ive done nothing wrong, i haven’t done anything to hurt them.
my friends they see my getting harassed (i guess we could call it), they do nothing about it.
do they care?
on friday i was walking in the hall with my friend Katy, just minding m own business and a group of boys pushed me.
they laughed and i turned around and asked who had done it,
they snickered and laughed. they do that- enjoy my anger.
they throw things at me. they call me names.
i eat lunch in the bathroom and cry to myself.
and when i go home
i stuff 12 or more pills down my throat,
thinking today is the day
the last day u will see me.

can u help me?
help me stop trying to kill myself?
and stop them

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