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I have been having these weird dreams about The Rev, I am indeed a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, but I am not overly obsessed at all. I have been having these dreams about his past memories (i am in his body seeing things through his eyes) and i keep getting this idea in my head to kill myself. It is like a hint to kill myself now, because things are going to get worse and i won’t be able to kill myself. also it shows every second of his life, the shows, fights,embarrassing moments, his thoughts…everything except to the day-night he died.
it’s like he is haunting me. I can’t complain. he was my favorite(not to sound incredibly weird)
Should i do what my dreams are telling me?(i have dreams about the future, i get deja vu all of the time and things come true. i have no depression. just an Urge that i feel i need to do.)
and i am willing to do it for my favorite band…

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