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by marine105

I’m planning on making this a weekly thing. I’m just drawing how I’m feeling and seeing what comes out! Anyway, if you want to comment or just look, here’s my first one

The message on the knife is ‘worth’ and the message on the wall beside the girl is ‘vereor’


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fireflieslite 10/27/2010 - 2:26 am

this is what I interpret :
the girl wrote the sign “I’m not crazy” meaning she is crazy or so low-esteem that minding too much of what others would think of her.
So scared without confidence that with arms holding onto her own body.
She’s expecting love or attention from others to reassure her worth of existence.
And that love is from a man (the horns, the muscle, the strong physique represent power) or death, to rescue or to be taken or to be demolished.
But no use.
Even care or love arrives, it won’t be long to sustain.
Her normal ability to feel is numb, as without her own heart.
Only basic instinct of fear remains.
She is out of her mind (heart) not being able to discern even if the good is all laying out in front of her.
All she could have done is self-harm on the left leg, and right neck.

Suggestion :
Get the heart back from the top corner of the ceiling, then will be brave enough for the arms to extend, to reach out, to welcome any conceivable menace or predicament should to challenge.

the knife with the “worth” , meaning worth of being penetrated.

“vereor” I don’t know this word.
To me, it’s only “or ever”, the want to be taken at anytime.

But you are male, so.. ?

p.s. I googled “vereor”. It’s a Latin word meaning to respect, fear, be in dread of, to be afraid.
So it just emphasizes the degree of fear in the girl.

fireflieslite 10/27/2010 - 4:19 am

Also that the girl’s legs are not clamping together and leaning to the wall as much as possible as a real sign of scare.
Instead the legs are spread and kind of expecting somehow, so..

marine105 10/27/2010 - 6:03 pm

Good interpretations and yea the legs should be farther up that was my bad. The knife saying worth is what’s killing her or what is eventually going to kill her. The Latin word meaning ‘fear’ on the wall that’s cast by the shadow of the mysterious figure in the foreground of the picture represents fear of the unknown. The heart near the top of the wall is out of reach, representing the fact that she can’t understand love or receive it anymore. Her injuries are a sign of a wounded soul, and she’s hugging herself because that’s the only comfort she has left.
I just drew this without any thought to the meaning of this picture until I wrote the words on the knife and wall, just wanted to see how people’d interpret it!

marine105 10/27/2010 - 6:05 pm

Oh and that knife represents that she has no self worth and that she’s going to kill herself for this reason. The white walls means she’s become jaded to the outside world.

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