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by StrawberryThyme

Everyone has a bad habit or two…

Something they’d never tell.

I’ve got a bad habit of my own

That might just land me in Hell.


Safety pins in the box near my bed

Help me deal with the things I feel.

Watching with fascination through tears

I forget that the scars don’t heal.


At some point I realized I have to stop

Before somebody finds out.

So last week I gathered up the pins,

Hoping that I could do without.


I’ve gone a lot longer without it,

But this time I feel a small shift.

Despite the constant obsessive thoughts,

I feel like this chance is a gift.


I can get through this, if I try…

But is this change only a lie?

Will need for attention or loneliness

Send me spiraling back into the abyss?

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1 comment

life sucks thin u die 12/28/2010 - 1:54 am

I know I had quit cutting one for 8 months and thin I went back to it and I am 6 months from doing it

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