September 10th, 2011 by RogueShadow1281

Been watching the most horrible videos ever recorded including pain Olympics. Why? Because I’m curious and mentally fucked up. I’ve seen a woman drowning while tied up, it happens for 5 suspenseful fucking minutes. Saw shootouts, a cop shit to death by what looks like a M1A1 Carbine, old World War II era weapon. There’s also the suicide of Ricardo Lopez and other shit. SP administrators, in case I have broken any rules of whom I haven’t read, well sorry just showing what a suicide looks like and imagine the look on your families faces when they see an eyeball strewn across the room along with guts. Or how about finding a body twitching in the bathtub filled with bloody water. A body with bones Protruding through it all. I was ashamed at the videos, and amazed, yet a few seconds later I may smile as though I want to be deemed insane.
View the videos and comment on them. It’s also a pornography site which is annoying but fascinating what you can shove up there… Ugh, and now I’m extremely paranoid thanks to the religious views my family has on the devil consuming evilness and coming towards the wicked or some shit, so that means he’s watching me. And Rogue Shadow whom I used to chat in my head with may as well be the devil yet I’m atheist thanks assholes. (churchgoers and preachers) now I’m paranoid

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