The Resentment of the Dead

  September 9th, 2011 by firewhiskey


the sounds from those
tears over expectations
not met
though not abandoned

monotonous duties
so much to grieve
unappealing wasted time
all to be waiting again

the icy still muscle
of my heart longs
for the mundane task
that brings such dissatisfaction

the warm bodies who ignore
and never see what is

the days that slip by unfulfilled

with your deep breath
you sob your misery
and wish death upon your self

longing for when there will be no pain
no sadness to feel
or crush of loneliness

lifeless in my grave
without dream
I cannot grieve your sorrow
your dejection
over things not yet lost

take my death upon you
feel what I do not feel
no pity for your pain
no sorrow for your misery

take my death and
I will take

your expectations

not met

though not abandoned

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