October 20th, 2011 by Black_Scorpio

Good morning the world. Monitor. People.


my mood is much better today. I don’t know why! My boss called and asked to come to job tonight, even i dont need to work so i am happy, don’t wanna be at home .

Overall i know what fucks my minds. I just stuck. I am stuck in this position. Studies are over, sports are over, military is over, all my lovely things are over and i can’t find them time coz of job. So i all i need to do is to change job, find a new flat, to buy a car and start living again.

I am sure that after changing a job i will get a new power, even i hate my other profile of education.  just don’t like it.  Pharmacy. Whats intersting about pharmacy?! Nothing!!!!! No adrenaline.  :/

So i am between lovely, but exhausted job and between hated, but good payed job..

Well, winter is coming, we should think about beautiful white snow around.. <3


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