suicide and morals… Everyone choose the dolphin as their symbol of suicide…

  October 3rd, 2011 by RogueShadow1281

Here I am, inspired to write again after two seconds after the last post I just put up. Here’s an argument? Is suicide really immoral??? is it really that bad to suicide. Is it considered selfish? (Directions to do: Read this paragraph and comment. Then proceed to next part, if you are just browsing and won’t comment then go ahead.) 

You may feel guilt that it is. You may think others will suffer. They will suffer but is it wrong to do it?

I ain’t a religious person, I am an agnostic atheist, so as a matter of speaking, if God made humans and the devil made them a mistake. Then humans are considered different from animals, right? Are animals perfect? They have to be, because nothing in the bible says they ate the apples from the forsaken tree, so therefore they haven’t sinned and they are perfect, right??? 

Now after that idea I implanted to your head (through inception jk). Animals must be perfect. I am speaking of the dolphin. A majestic creature of great intelligence, they are really close in comparison to humans. I watched a video in school about the marine mammals in Sea World. A dolphin was in containment for too long. A man was taking care of it and noticed it seemed “sad”. For an animal, depression isn’t commonly thought about. Guess what the dolphin did?

If you guessed “take a breath and go underwater to suicide”, then you are correct. Why would a perfect bein/animal kill itself when everyone considers it immoral and stupid. An animal in containment, who is mistreated and only pleases it’s captors. 

The man tried to carry the dolphin to the ocean but got arrested for a week. He then decided to talk about and against captive animals, that they must be released after an amount of time. If there was no possible way of escape from captivity. Then what is there left? Use the dolphin as a argument…….

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