well now i could use some help

October 31st, 2011by lowlifefather

So i actually wrote a suicide note and drove to the middle of nowhere but i didn’t go through with it. i love my children too much to leave them alone in this horrible world so maybe after I’ve raised them i can finally bring myself to end all of my suffering. or maybe not i don’t want to really end my life but to search through it, i don’t find anything good enough to keep slave driving myself for any of my dreams because everyone i love interferes with any and every dream hope and aspiration i have had it like if I’m happy they cant be. I don’t know how to advance in my life’s dream if everybody in my family purposely interfere with it all. do i end my life with my children. my adopted son my 3 teenage daughters or do i do?? i just don’t know any advice i would appreciate because i cant turn to family so i guess i turn some where before i just lose my mind which is barley with me rite now

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