Told mum.

  November 26th, 2011 by PleaseHelp98

Okay guys, so as some of you know, im young and suicidal.

But for the first time i have opened up and told people of my life, on this site. Everyone tells me that i should tell someone, and get help because im 13 and to young to give up. So i gradually went over what i was going to tell mum, and i must admit, she took it really well. She promised she wouldnt ship me away. But she is worried, and keeps asking questions and says how much she loves me. She now wants me to spend more time with the family ( :P ) She is going to book me in with my gp and go get me some councilling. I feel relieved now that someone close to me knows. But i dont feel any happier or better. I guess this is a step forward to succeding in life and continuing it. I hope, i hope, this communication with my mother, continues.

my email is if anyone wants to chat.


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