Don’t. Just please don’t.

  December 3rd, 2011 by BlackAngel

If you’re reading this, there is at least a small part in you that doesn’t want to die. Listen to it, and please read on. Suicide is final. Once it’s done, there’s no changing your mind. Since you have even the slightest of doubts, you owe it to yourself to stay alive. You can always kill yourself later, why not wait? Even if you wait just one day, you may find a reason not to kill yourself in the meantime. If you’re feeling suicidal, you’re probably in more pain than you know how to handle. That’s okay. There are ways to reduce the pain, and ways to learn to deal with pain. You can learn both. Either way things will most likely get better. Just because you’re feeling suicidal doesn’t mean you have to act on that feeling.
Consider this; if you’re trying to escape from the pain you are in, suicide is not the answer. You cannot feel relief, or anything else for that matter, if you are dead. You must stay alive in order to feel the relief you seek. Often when feeling suicidal you feel alone. You are not alone. You found us didn’t you? (“us” meaning the people on this site)
Turn to your family or friends or anyone. Anyone that will listen. If you don’t know who to turn to, just write a page on this site and people will comment and help you. This is my second account on this site. My other one is where I post/posted my suicide stories. The comments help so much, I log on to this at least once a day to try and help people who feel the way I felt.
By terminating your life right now, you terminate your future. We create our own future. You have the power to create whatever future you wish for yourself. But you need to be alive in order to have that future. If you’re sensitive enough to be in so much pain that you no longer want to live, you’re probably sensitive enough to care about, and want to help others, like I do. Maybe you don’t feel like helping anyone else right now, but why not help yourself? When you start to feel better, I strongly recommend trying to help others. In helping others you are also helping yourself. And perhaps by not killing yourself and overcoming your difficulties you can later help someone else who is in a similar situation.
Finally, don’t do it because I’m personally asking you not to. I’m only 14 but I have been through a lot in life so far and that is how I understand the topic of suicide so well. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re going through, things can get better. I know because I’ve been there. Maybe I haven’t experienced exactly what you have, but not only have I thought of suicide, I tried it. Thankfully I was unsuccessful and I can speak from personal experience when I tell you things can get better.
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