You’re the one for me and I dont think so either… I know soo

  December 3rd, 2011 by bernard34

It’s going to be a year for us already and even though we have our ups & downs, we manage to solve them & still be happy. My whole family has turned against me & her but I do everything I can to defend fuck my family I’m done with all of them & the only reason Im still alive till this day…is because I fucken love my gf to death & I just couldnt love without her because she’s now apart of my life.We started off as friends but then that grew into a strong healthy relationship and people can hate and talk on us all they want doesnt effect just words.Her whole family doesnt like me they love me and I love them too and I made have made mistakes but thats I was stupid and honestly I probably still am but I have my gf always by my side to be there when something happens.She’s my first kiss..Love You Always Babe 🙂

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