February 20th, 2012 by shockwave

i’m 15 and feeling suicidal. i have felt like this for the last 2 years, things have being getting worse every day and this is wrecking my head. i’m so sad and i no there is teenagers and adults in the world that have much worse lives than i have. i hate going to school going anywhere in public, i’ve lost so many friends in school over this because i guess i’ve changed, i just want to die but the only thing is stopping me is my family especially my mum i don’t want to hurt her. Life is really not easy especially feeling this way, i no i’m not the only person feeling like this as i can see all the stories on this website. I just really want to die , every day i can’t stop thinking about this and it’s like it’s just eating away at me, i keep thinking like this every day and don’t no what to do, i just wanna die so badly and end everything, i have no proper friends and lifes a struggle every single day. This will never end it feels like that anyway.. i wear a mask at school every day nobody knows who i really am. As i said the only thing stopping me from ending my life is my family , i don’t no what to do, if i could go back 2 years ago and no i would feel like this now i would have enjoyed every moment of my happy life.

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