Look at me

March 31st, 2012by candypuffs3000

Dress me from the bottom
Work you’re way up high
And look at me
Look me in the eyes

See my past
See my pain
See my actions
As I wane

I want to forget
Forget it all
As I tumble
as I fall

Now look at me
All around
How do I look?
Do I look down?

Of course I don’t!
I faked for you
I don’t lie
This is true

Look at the mirror
Just turn your head
See me now?
See me dead?

That’s not the future
That is now….Inside me
That’s what I am
That’s what you made me be

Whatever I do
Whatever I say
I do it all for you
That’s why I stay

If one day I’m someone new
Someone else, someone true
And you tell me again to change
What I do next is for you…

If again you say you never ever
Wanna see my face
I’ll give you back all your
Personal space

You put me up a pillar
You raised me way too high
For this I must go
And tell you all goodbye

I made this peom and posted it once on the teen depression connect site…I want to take a break from the site because I help so many and I try to open up but they just seem to have worse lives than I do so I close up. I only tell parts but never the full story. I hope I can do this on here. And i will help you as i do with them
-Tanisha F

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