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Magical Thinking

by QuixoticNomad

It seems to me that everything about a relationship is involved in some kind of “magical” thought process otherwise its like a business – a cold emotionless exchange of “product,”(e.g. time spent together is comparable to buying cotton balls).

If you love someone then that is yielding to magical thinking. Love can be defined as an ineffable level of affection toward a person; if something is incapable of being expressed or if it is indescribable(i.e. there are no words to define it) then it is not natural(i.e. conforming to the ordinary); if something is not natural then it is supranatural or magical(i.e. producing awe).
Love is not realistic; love is inappropriate.
With that being the case, what significantly connects one person to another?
It seems that what binds friendships, families, intimate relationships, etc. is nothing but superficial intangibles(e.g. a product or products).
It seems that for a person or thing to not be superficial or arbitrary, society purports a necessary level of magic, however, society also purports that magical beliefs are maladaptive; society/culture demands hypocrisy(i.e. doublethink ).
Why care about anyone but yourself if the only thing connecting you to another is arbitrary?
Why care about anything if the only connection is arbitrary?
Why is it okay to believe in religion or an omnipotent being or hope or prayer and miracles associated with the aforementioned but ostensibly any other form of magical thinking is wrong?
If there is no magic to life, then why live it?
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