June 30th, 2012by softballer58

Tonight my mom and I got into an even bigger fight. It resulted in me walking the streets of Washington D.C alone. She basically straight up told me to find somewhere else that someone would care to say they have a daughter with ‘problems’. All she did what bring me down. Telling me how better her life would be if I was normal just because i said i ws still in love with that one guy she didnt approve of. The truth it no one is normal. I’m her DAUGHTER not just some girl. Why can’t she just let it go? I mean he ‘boyfriend’ is a married man with 3 daughters. And she has room to judge me. I asked her straight to her face today if she would still be trying to change me if I took my life and she replied it wouldn’t be worth my time. I’m devastated. Depressed, mad, angry, confused, and disappointed begin to describe what I am actually feeling. I don’t know what to do.

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