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Someone willing to listen.

by Danieljmwaters

If someone wants someone to talk about there suicidal feelings email me at Danieljmwaters16@Gmail.com

Email me if this speaks to you or maybe if you feel weird about posting your feelings in public.

Obviously i wont be around 24/7 but i am putting this option out there for you.

Helping even 1 person is worth it.
My name is Daniel i have had issues with depression my whole life to the point where most of it had been ruined.

By never giving up i have carved a life for myself the best i can…

All for the few minutes a day that the pain goes away.

I may not be perfect,  my life is far from the best.

However i am living proof that fighting can pay off so don’t give up.

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louise50 9/16/2012 - 1:46 am

You sound like a strong person Daniel. Thanks for the offer. Zoe x

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