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by xAshleyx

Another reason to kill myself.. Oh how ‘happy’ that makes me. My family doesn’t accept me for who I am and neither do my friends.. No one is there for me. Like I care though. Okay yeah I admit it- I am emo. And most people think us emo’s are heartless souls. Well that’s not true. Always sitting in a dark, cold corner crying.. Does anyone know what it’s like? It’s painful. Maybe some of you reading this will understand.. I always feel as if I am unimportant, unloved, and unwanted. Oh great I ju- Every ‘quiz’ I take says my life is fu(ked up.. Um okay.. Yeah it is. Does anyone have a kind enough heart to cheer me up? xoxo


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Sinine 12/2/2012 - 4:49 pm

We all love you here, Ashley! 🙂 we want to help you! In any way we can!

solitarywalker 12/2/2012 - 4:53 pm

Ashley I know what you mean? Care to share more? How’s your family so mean to you? Do you wish people would understand who emos really are?

solitarywalker 12/2/2012 - 4:55 pm

*first sentence, no question mark

AtTheEnd 12/2/2012 - 4:57 pm

I find it is best not to label ourselves c: “I always feel as if I am unimportant, unloved, and unwanted.” echoing how I feel. I will admit people call me emo or ask me if im emo. I am me nothing else nothing more or less. Omfg I wish I had friends, but I only find people who pretend to care.

heartcore 12/2/2012 - 5:30 pm

Hi xAshleyx

I invite you to visit the SP Chatroom. There’s a friendly bunch in there who post here regularly. Yeah, we get it. 🙂

im-worthless 12/2/2012 - 5:30 pm

i totally get how you feel. i may not dress like an emo or stuff but still deep down i’m equally depressed as them and sometimes i just run away from everything in life. running away and never coming back. sometimes do you feel like no one in this world doesn’t care for you? that’s how i feel.
so you’re not alone.
if u wanna talk. lemme know.

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