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Fuck Cancer.

by Deyanight

I’m a very emotional human being. I’ve gone through so much, like any other 16 year old.

Last summer my Boyfriends cousin passed away. Since then I’ve been depressed, even though he wasn’t family I still became one of his best friends. Ernie was ONLY 14 years old and died of Leukemia. He was so funny and nice. He even had a crush on me :3 He had so much to live for, and he wanted to be a doctor. I felt so bad for his family. He was the only boy and his mom and dad loved him. He was like a piece of glass, so fragile. I would visit him at the hospital, make him laugh and cheer him up. Always holding his hand..

That day I got the text message from my boyfriend saying “Babe Ernie died.” I started crying. His service was so emotional. I knew that was the last time I was going to see him. I touched his bald head and cold hands. I will never forget Ernie, he was very special.

Every day when I’m alone in my room I think about him. I cry myself to sleep, and sometimes wake up crying. Sometimes smiling because only in my dreams he is alive. I miss him so much, his smile, his laugh his everything. This has affected my life and sometimes all I do is think.

This is one of the reasons I’ve gotten so depressed. I hope someone really finds a cure for cancer. & anyone who fights it my heart goes out to you, or anyone that’s going through it. It’s not easy. Sometimes I would stay at the hospital and see little babies with a whole bunch of machines hooked on to them. The babies CRYING, helpless.



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