I Am No One

  June 16th, 2013 by Rain

Sometimes, I do wonder. How could hell be a place much worse than here? At least there, I’d know why I’m there. I dont know why I’m here. I’ve always wanted to be the person..the one who helps out that kid..the kid that no one knows is going through something, or feeling llonely, or contemplating suicide…I realized tonight that no one feels this way but me. I AM that kid.  The kid that silently feels like a screw up..the one who relies on men because they have no one else. The one who feels lonely and hides well enough that everyone thinks im fine. I AM that kid. I realized that im just holding my breath..hoping someone would find me..but i’ll suffocate and turn to stone..because who could help a stone..who could find no one? I AM NO ONE.

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