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Ocean of emptiness

by Ineededyouthere

I remember the time when you used to call me beautiful

It was a time when I was truly happy

There weren’t empty tears at 3 A.M. and hopeless wishes

I remember the time everything black and white turned grey

It was when you two would fight and loveless tears ran down your cheeks

Suddenly you left, you didn’t call, and you didn’t return for a while

I remember when you were there for me

It was around the time I went to seek help in the ocean

I sank to the bottom and struggled to come back to the surface

Years have passed and you now know how much I struggle

You stay at the shore building your sand castles while I am swallowed by the ocean of emptiness

I can’t help but think that if I were to drown in this ocean

That the waves will stop crashing on you and your castle walls will stand strong

But, we both know that your castle will just remain empty

Like it always has been.

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