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If I Should Die Before I Wake, Will I Still See His Face?

by Rain

She wonders if anyone else could smell that. The rust and dirt on the brick path beneath her feet, the damp smell of the lake at the end of the trail. Could anyone else hear the soft patter of her cats paws following her as a baby from a distant home stirs and is about to wake. Finally, she veers off the path into the moonlit grassy area closest to the waters edge. An unknown creature moves in the water. She holds her left arm with her right as crimson lava exudes out of cuts drawn on her forearm. A breeze comes off of the lake and tosses her hair. She breathes it in deeply. Something moves in the corner over her vision. It’s him. She walks over to wear he lays playing with a blade of grass like he used to do when they were younger.
He tosses a blade of grass and pats the ground next to him.

“Your arm looks bad”

“The pain you’ve caused”

“What of the pain you’ve caused me?”

“I’ve only loved you”

“You never loved me…never”

You left me..had a baby..with her“ 

“Just let me go. Like you did long ago”

“Josh, look at me! Does this look like I let you go?”

She reaches out to touch him, but her hand passes through his face as he fades. Her blood smells metallic and it looks black under the silver moonlight. She picks herself up and starts home.. where she’ll see his face again and realize that as long as she’s on this Earth, she’ll never escape his face. She has to go.


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SadBk 8/16/2013 - 12:15 am

/Does this look like I let you go?/
🙁 I do hope for your sanity and happiness that you’re able to someday. When you’re ready.

I haven’t been on here as much lately… can’t read the comments page unless a certain user loses interest in commenting, cuz I’m a wuss… but I’m glad I saw your post. Email me any time you feel like it, hun.

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