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by renegadeRaenbow

The scratching and the biting,
The screaming and the fighting.
The hollow words
Fly like wingless birds
Into endless spirals
Of full-fledged denials
And I find myself crying, alone.

I push you away
Yet I want you to stay.
Why is it so hard
When I’ve already come this far?
Caught back in the lies,
Truth pouring from my eyes
And I find myself dying, alone.

My wrists are untouched
But my legs, not so much.
I could sit in this madness,
Divulge in the sadness
Creating the cuts,
Loosening bolts and nuts
And I find myself, alone.

I’m alone in the sorrow.
I’m alone til tomorrow.
I’m alone with my tears.
I’m alone with my fears.
You can’t understand
So don’t lend me your hand.
I am alone and I must suffer.

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