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life is so BORING

by 1298

please someone,

make it all go away

or just tell me how to handle this?


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people_do_care 10/4/2013 - 8:28 pm

When you find out let me know /:

clevername 10/4/2013 - 8:34 pm

“boredom sets into the boring mind…” -James Hetfield

people_do_care 10/4/2013 - 9:02 pm

Guess you’re always bored too 😔

clevername 10/4/2013 - 9:10 pm

Who me? Not really, no. It’s easy to find plenty of stuff to think about. Being disinterested is different than being bored. When i’m disinterested, i don’t really care to do anything, and don’t mind if nothing at all is happening. When i get hyper-interested, the hours and days just melt away, and i find myself wishing i had more time to do absolutely nothing, without missing out on any of the other stuff passing me by.

Stendarr's ***** 10/4/2013 - 9:24 pm

You should take a walk around town, the exercise will keep you occupied and the sights will keep you thinking. That’s what I do when I’m bored at least. That or read a book

Charlotte 10/4/2013 - 9:47 pm

Life IS boring.

I am bored to death… fucking literally.

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