December 28th, 2013 by unsocialfreak

I feel the need to say sorry.

I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you.

I’m sorry for ever letting you into my secret life of despair as I have tainted your happy life with my depression.

I’m sorry for ever thinking you’d care about me.

I’m sorry for barging into your life.

I’m sorry for not being there for you when you were there for me.

I’m sorry for the way I treated you, as my diary.

I’m sorry for thinking I’m the only person with problems not realising that we were both facing the same issues.

I’m sorry for becoming so sad all the time, ruining any chances of advancing our friendship.

I’m sorry for the fact that you had to witness my bad side.

I’m sorry for the fact that I never saw you more than a helping hand.

I’m sorry for your loss of time on me.

I’m sorry for pretending for your benefit.

I’m sorry for the endless lies that have been delivered to you.

I’m sorry for the simple fact that I never knew what I had gotten into, taking you down with me.

I’m so sorry for everything.

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