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by angel z

love is just a word for some and a meaning for some…i feel that if their is no love there is no life…everyone needs love…some from family,some from friends,and some from their special one’s…at times you have all that love-family,friends,lover…but what if the family and friends betray you and the lover stands by your side???
In India…love is just a taboo…if a girl loves someone then she is said to be a characterless person…and if her parents doesn’t accept the guy she loves she has no rights to make her own choice to choose her life partner…
I mean why..??? God has given us lives to live merrily and being in India it is of no point to make your own decision…
Any comments or views on this???

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Mf 9/23/2015 - 5:27 am

A life without love doesn’t sound like a good one, but love can come in many forms like you say. Some people never find that someone regardless of where they are, and some other people never get the urge of looking for it (and live normal lives, even happy ones). I guess it depends on what you’re looking for and what you expect out of life, but if you look at the particular situation in India… i think i’d just try to reason with my family and if it fails i’d move away. One of the most important things in life (in my opinion) is having at least some degree of freedom to make the choices that we want to make, otherwise i’d guess it’s no different than a mild form of slavery.

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