looking back at 2015

  December 31st, 2015 by death bunny

got to wake up at six this morning to feed the baby. as he fell asleep i’ve noticed that today is the last day of 2015 and it got me thinking what i’ve been through this year. i remember the last day of 2014. i sat on top of the roof and had the same exact thoughts. i remember watching the sun set and thinking the next time i’ll see it it will be 2015. in the evening i ordered a whole tray of pizza for myself and watched “the exorcist” as the clock passed midnight.

in january i moved from my parents’ house for the first time, me and two of my friends. in february i yelled and cursed my former therapist for leaving. in march i went to my current therapist for the first time. in april i finished my music album, and found out my girlfriend is pregnant. in may and june i closed myself to the world and myself. in july i returned to my parents’ house. in august i caught kissing disease. in september i once again moved from my parents’ house with my girlfriend. in october i laughed. in november i cried. in december i became a father.

this year was hard. possibly the hardest since 2012. soon this year will end, but my struggle will continue..

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