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Recurring Dreams, Ghosts, and Demons.

by DesolateScorpio

Some of you make think I’m joking. Some of you may think im insane. But I have a story to tell. And it’s completely the truth. My personal experience. Some of you may curse me to hell. And some of you may just understand my plight. But I’m telling you now that i am not trolling you.

As a little girl, like most children, I had an imaginary friend. I would stay up at night talking to her and we would play games. She was a lot older than me, but that didn’t seem to matter because I was the only one who could see her. Eventually, i stopped being able to see her. But i would still hear voices calling out to me. I didn’t know the events that had previously transpired in my house. I never thought of the possibility that she was the one who started it all. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me until recently that she could be the missing piece of the puzzle. You see, strange things had a tendency to happen at my house. And telling this story, even right now, is a huge risk. My heart is already beating faster than normal. Because this isn’t a story of angels and redemption.

If you have ever been attacked by a demon, or been around a ghost, you should know what I’m talking about. You should recognize the fear that is accompanied by their intense gaze. I should probably start with my stepsister. Like most if my family, my stepsister, is religious. However, the intense violence that has captured our family and those around them has gone on for quite sometime. She was probably the first to investigate this matter fully. A long time ago, in the house i stay in (this was my families home long before i was born) there was a couple that stayed here. Like most people who grew angry and discontent with eachother way back when, the wife poisoned her husband with rat poison. The reason they were so angry with eachother was due to the fact that the wife was pregnant and the husband knew that the baby was not his.

In fact, the baby’s skeleton had been found sealed off in my parents old bedroom. They did not involve the police. Why? Because it wasn’t a normal baby. This skeleton had wing appendages, on its skull were two small horns. The whole side of the house it was located on was completely sealed off, including the chimney. The windows had been borded up as well. In fact, the chimney is still sealed. We thought of breaking into it to see what was inside, but we had already woken what was attached to the room. The wife had given birth to her child at home, and realized she had commited a serious crime, an abomination. So, she killed the child. And she killed her husband. Soon after, she also died.

When my family moved in. They had to open up the sealed room so they would have more space. They found the childs bones, the poison, and they swore eachother to secrecy. The woman i played with, she was the mother. I did not find out about any of this until a year ago. They kept the secret that long. Almost 20 years of secrecy. Of course, they did not know about my part in it all until later when they told me. You see, they say there are reasons you don’t mess with things if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ouija is the stupidest thing that a person could do. I’ve always known that. And so is practicing with things you don’t know about, which is what i did.

At 16, i was your typical angst filled teenager. However, i had and still have a strong connection to the dead… actually, i would say that demons are more attracted to me than the dead. The only ghost I’ve really encountered would be the womans, but my encounter with her opened me up to my encounter with her baby’s father. Again, at the time, i didn’t know what i was doing.

When i stopped seeing the woman as a child, something else that i thought was a spirit began to bother me. At first it was just a shadowy figure waking me every night, then came the recurring nightmares. The main one consisted of four figures. All girls. All young. Each one with a different hair color. I never saw their face. Black, brown, red, blonde. The four major hair colors. Each positioned in a white dress walking in place, towards me. Each on the four corners of my yard. Nothing else happened. All they did was walk in place. However, i would wake crying and screaming every night. The shadow looming over me. I had the most difficult time getting proper sleep. Soon, i grew used to the figure. This process took a few years. It didn’t get really bad until i was 16 and more open to the spirits. Instead of just watching me, it began to play jokes on me. Jab me with its finger when i was alone only to laugh at me whem my heart jumped into my throat and i would heavily fall onto the furnature behind me clutching the center of my chest. Appear at ungodly hours shaking my bed and telling me to wake up. The more aggressive it was, the more scared i became.

Eventually, i took to the native American ritual known as smudging and locking everything out of my house with a sort of spell. Its hard to describe. Its like picturing a pure white light in your chest, the light expands from the center to fill your whole body, then explodes. Sticking to the walls like glue and forming bars. No, it doesn’t do that literally. You have to use your imagination and determination for it to work and you have to keep picturing the bars when you look around. So i did that and practiced smudging every once in awhile. The shadow left. The nightmares left.

I grew too comfortable. So imagine my shock when my bed was violently shaking at 5 a.m. six
months later and i was being yelled at. Hesitantly, i peaked out from under my blankets only to see the malevolent black figure hanging over me. Freaking out, i did the only thing i knew how to at that point. And don’t laugh because it is sortof funny but i was scared out of my mind. I took ome look at it. Said “NOPE” and fllipped back over. Of course, my “nope” reaction only lasted two seconds before i curled up into a ball repeatedly telling myself: “It’s not real, it’s not real” and then crying myself to sleep.

The next day, i didn’t take the normal precautions because i knew they wouldn’t work. It was watching me. So instead, i negotiated with it. I think the only reason it listened was because it decided to humor me. So basically, i sat in my room, glaring at my closet and was like: “So… look… im sorry thst i kinda did all that stuff to shut you out, but can you really blame me? I mean seriously, scaring the shit out of someone at 5 in the morning everyday isn’t the best way to get someone to talk to you. So now you know. Uhm… if you want me to talk to you just say so, you don’t have to scare me to get me to talk to you. I’m the only one that can see you so i get why you would bother me but still… just… don’t do that anymore. And if you do, I’ll just have to make my barriers stronger as punishment.” So a few years went by and things were peaceful. It didn’t bother me any more. That was… until last year.

You see, things like that have an impact on the weak willed and susceptible. Aka, my brothers. Why they were so susceptible? They were on pills. The fighting. The violence. The almost killing eachother in the yard… the lame excuses given to the hospitals. Me faking my emotions. At that point, i couldn’t feel anything. I watched my dying father and my dying brother with a stoic face. Of course, they didn’t die. They were taken to the hospital with the lame excuse of “my heart started hurting and i fell in a bush” and “i dont know what happened, i went inside to get a blanket to keep him warm and i just… i dont know”. And of course all of the women involved were crying and screaming. I was the only one who felt nothing, of course, i quickly realized that if i didn’t want to get put into a mental hospital that i needed to pretend. So that’s what i did. I forced myself to cry. I forced myself to act dramatic and hit things. Sorry to jump around, this happened a few years ago, but its one of the many reasons i call my brothers weak willed. So back to last year.

Doing what had become routine to me, i cast a protective elemental circle and connected with a friend of mine via circle to provide strength and protection. Of course, at the time he was also dealing with demons and when we thought we were finished i closed my circle as i normally would and texted him. This was the first time a demon physically atracked me and wasn’t just messing around by moving my furniture or poking me for a laugh. The pain was so intense i fell to my knees. Crawled to my bed. And begged for it to end. I was gasping for air. I almost passed out. I immediately grasped for my phone but the pain was so intense i could barley message my friend. “Syle, help!” And then i dropped the phone.

I layed there for a few minutes. No longer able to move, my phone buzzing over and over as he tried to get me to respond. He gave up after a few minutes and cast another circle. Of course i didn’t know he had until after i was no longer paralyzed from intense pain. Then the pain dissipated. I could move again. And of course i was furious with myself for not staying in my circle a bit longer and casting protection onto my room and myself.

After that i went to my sisters. I learned the names of the demons who had been haunting me. I learned of the woman, her child, and her husband. I was shown what was left of the skeleton and the poison. I was shown the pictures. We scoured over books and websites to solve our problem. We salted the yard. We placed pure iron nails from an old railroad track into the dirt. And we went about our lives, i won’t tell you the demon’s name. Because to speak its name is to summon it. I haven’t said that name since we put it all behind us. But it’s not over. It’s waiting. And i don’t know when it will attack next.


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soulsister 1/12/2016 - 8:55 pm

I believe you and everything you say, you are not insane. Thank you for posting this story. I know it must have taken alot of courage to write and post. I have been through something similar, but I just can’t find the words or someone to tell. The last thing I want is to be labelled insane.

When I was 19 I moved out of my parents house and into a flat with my friends. The house was haunted and had nasty spirits in it. I was a typical teenager with not a spiritual or religious bone in my body. I didn’t understand about spirits the spiritual world and what they could do. This house destroyed me in every way unimaginable and everything I believed in.

It’s a long story that I can’t find the words to say or write what happened. Some memories I still can’t think about 13years llater (now). The worse feeling in the world is for you to believe you yourself are crazy, to me that justifys suicide. I would sound more insane to people of the other things I’ve learned and the gifts I was given. The knowledge of truth. I know everything about life, death and existence. The simple truth truly is that you are God. There is no God he is called myself.

You know one night I could not fight and stand the mental torture and fear this spirit was trying to distill in me. It was trying to possess me. It was the most horrible feeling you could ever experience. It was like something pushing and driving all the love down out of me and my body sending me down into this deep dark empty void of absolute nothing. That’s when my great great grandmother whom I’d never met in life came to me. I am a new zealand Maori and in our culture special chosen woman wear a “kowae moko” on their chin, like a tattoo. This represents their lineage, ancestors, gods and knowledge. She wore a moko and she gave it to me. She put it on my chin and I could feel every outline and detail burning on my chin in flames of power from all the love behind it. I could feel all my grandfather who had helped me this far and all my ancestors and gods right behind me. It was like all their love and knowledge became mine. Because he had taken all my love left to fight and only myself could save myself. I managed to drive this spirit out of me and it fleed. It didn’t like the love that I had it was like burning it I was not afraid or in fear. Evil cant stand in the light of love, only love is real and overcomes all things.

There’s so much more to the story but in the end I won. There was girl who committed suicide because her grandfather used to molest and rape her. They were the 2 spirits at that house. The girl was a ***** to but nnowhere near as evil as the grandfather. We made a truce that if she helped me and stopped fucking with me I would one day set her free she was trapped in that house and in the past getting raped over and over again. In the end I set her free and even tried for the grandfather. I saw him one day and I was told to have absolute no fear and just love him for the pathetic man he was. Suddenly his form changed from a gut wrenching stinking black shadow into a poor pathetic broken man. He didn’t want help he couldn’t forgive himself for what he did to his grand daughter he chose to live here in hell forever because of his actions. So be it but the offer was there.

Sorry about this long comment if you have even read this far but next time you see them just love them and have no fear in your heart and know that spirits, entity’s, ghosts they can’t hurt you and they breed off fear that’s what makes them stronger and thats why they attack the weak minded so they can control them. Talk to them like you would just an ordinary person that was there but from the heart. Ask it what do you want. What’s your name if they don’t give you one tell them to fuck off. Works for me but bad ones stay a thousand miles from me they know my love will destroy them.

Thanks again for writing this and letting me rant and rave sorry if it’s a tangent filled mess.


Hazy Day Sunflower 1/12/2016 - 9:04 pm

Wow this is an amazing story, thank you for sharing!

nicole123 1/12/2016 - 9:25 pm

I don’t think you’re insane either. I have had a lot of demonic callings in the past couple of months. Let me start off by saying i used to wake up at 3 Am almost every night. 3:11 to be exact . It just freaked me out. And i read a lot of stuff about that time and it freaked me out so much.

I started feeling things in my room. Anger and sadness. And i would have dreams. Where im half asleep. But i dont think they were dreams. I think it was real.

One dream, actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I had just gotten out of the shower and got into my bed and closed my eyes for a bit. I was half asleep and i saw this thing over top of me. It was a black figure. It started to push me into my bed and cover my face. I couldn’t breathe. Someone in my house yelled my name and i snapped out of it and immediately jumped up. I felt like someone had violated me. I was also naked so i could feel the presence on top of me. It was like the demon had hatred for me. and he wanted me to die.

A few days ago i had a dream that this demon was following me. And everytime i looked into the mirror i saw them. But then i didn’t seem them any more. So i thought i was fine. But one day i looked into the mirror and there she was. I know the demon is a woman. She hates me. She grabbed me and opened my mouth and put like 100 caffeine tablets in my mouth and made me swallow them and duct taped my mouth shut. These tablets are only found in chem labs and can kill you. Then i woke up. I couldn’t breathe. And it was 3 AM.

A few hours ago i had a dream. The demon was pulling me down. She wouldn’t let me go. Then she got my sister.

I’m not sure if all these dreams are symbolic or if they are telling me something. I feel like this woman has got a hold of my mind. She is trying to get to me.

I feel such a bad presence in this house. I feel like she’s behind me at all moments. I have to leave the lights on. At night, i don’t wear my contacts so i cant see anything. And if it’s dark i feel like i see shadows.

I also used to play with Ouija boards when i was in highschool. I didn’t really believe in them though. Once i watched my friends play and some bad stuff happened. They just ripped it up and threw it away because they were scared. Then bad things happened to all my friends. They all got baptized and the things stopped, but nothing ever happened to me.

Around the time i was 16 me and my friends broke into this old hotel in virginia beach called the cavalier. Its from the 1900’s and around the stock market crash, people jumped from the windows and killed themselves. When we broke in it was so dark. And the place looked so old. It was like a scary movie. I immediately felt like we weren’t supposed to be there. There was this huge mirror and i couldn’t stop looking at it. Then i lost my friend. The place was just insane. It wasn’t being used anymore so no one was in there. It was dead silent, but we could hear things. I went to the pool area, where a girl and her cat drowned. And sat at the bottom of the empty pool and i really felt something. I had to leave. I ran out and got into my car. I think that night when i left i brought something back with me to my house.

This all sounds too good to be true, but i think something is haunting me too. I don’t know if i believe in all this kind of stuff, but i know something has happened to me.

Sorry for the long post. I hope everything is fine with you.

mato42 1/12/2016 - 10:20 pm

What you describe (at least partly) sounds awfully lot like a sleep paralysis. It’s a state when our body is still in sleep mode while we are actually awake. It’s quite interesting subject and it creates the absolutely worst nightmares a person’s own mind can conceive. I had some bad experience with that.

This state can occur two ways – when we are falling into sleep and when our mind wakes up sooner that the brain signals body to wake up – for example if we snap too fast from a dream. You may find some similarities with what I’m going to write.

The sleep paralysis itself. I don’t recommend reading this before going to sleep and if you are going to google it, avoid pictures.
When we fall asleep, our breath slows down on its own. We can’t control the lungs anymore by pure will. This creates sense of lack of air and is accompanied by sense of pressure on own’s chest. As brain is half asleep and as it is in dream mode, it fills in all the blanks, but it’s not completely random. The mind often interprets it as a person or creature sitting on our chest. Our hearing is altered. Meaning we are more sensitive to certain sounds and can hear them differently. The crucial sounds are the sounds of our heart beat, which has different pace during sleep and breathing, which is also altered. This is often interpreted as hearing footsteps or by someone wispering to you. You can also experience the sensation that someone or something is breathing on your face and it’s not uncommon that the creature whispering / breathing is interpreted as the same one, but it can be also perceived as multiple creatures. The paralysis itself means we are physically unable to move or are able to move only little. This is a defense mechanism to avoid sleepwalking or injuring ourself during sleep. Sudden paralysis can rapidly increase the level of panic, which stimulates brain to find or rather make its own interpretation of the situation – someone is trying to attack us, hurt us. Often during the sleep paralysis our mind places various beings around us, as if they were watching us, but sometimes it may appear as if they were ignoring us, just hanging around the room, flying around, etc.

Some people suffer from frequent sleep paralysis, others never experience it in their entire life. As it’s partly a dream state, it can be partly dealt with as with lucid dreaming. While the creatures are just vivid creations of our own mind, we can still talk with them. This is used in lucid dreaming as a way to “communicate” with our own subconscious mind, you can literally ask what does it mean instead of trying to interpret a dream on its own or you can ask the deepest question about yourself – what you want in life, why are you the way you are, why are you afraid of the thing you are afraid, anything.

However, it can also go the wrong way, as was just described. The problem with lucid dreams are they are almost indistinguishable from reality. Have you ever experienced waking up, cleaning your teeth and doing all the regular stuff and then waking up again and realizing it was all just a dream, that felt extremely real?

Some time ago I tried and succeeded only lucid dreaming. I was able to induce them relatively frequently and control them to a degree. But then things went south and my own projections started to attack me. It’s not that easy to wake up from them – so I had to experience getting stabbed to death or bitten, only to wake up and see a crouched figure by my bed. As my projections started becoming violent, I was becoming more violent towards them and the most beautiful dreams turned into never ending battle for survival. The fact that during dreams you feel both pleasure and pain the same way as if it was real, which didn’t really make being murdered bearable. But there were also great times, when I experienced things that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. I just decided it was not worth it to continue with it.

So if you do identify yourself in this stuff, it can be managed to a degree.

soulsister 1/13/2016 - 9:22 am


Please get in touch with someone a priest or a psychic someone who can help you and bless yourself and your home.

I’m not saying that something is definitely attached to you but, what you have been doing their is a high possibility. Playing with oujui boards and going to place where there were heaps of suicides. Then the way your feeling sad and angry and the things you have mentioned. Trust your instinct you know in your heart what’s really happening and what you got to do.

AngelActually 1/31/2016 - 5:53 am

“So, she killed the child. And she killed her husband. Soon after, she also died.”

– what actually happens is when people do this kind of stuff, a portal opens up for the demons. Demons basically are all around us and they are always trying to get into our physical world. Their ultimate goal is to get control of our mind by putting negative thoughts into our mind! So, this demon got into this woman by convincing her to kill that child by making her feel guilty. and when this woman killed this child, he came in, took her form, and it’s like GTA for him. I’m a muslim and currently working a scholar who’s an expert in Paranormal activivites.

I have an actual spell to kill demons, its an mp3 file. Just try it once and see how it works. You’re gonna thank me, really. Reply me, i’ll send it to you.

Take care.

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