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Desire to Die

by DarkOvercast

It’s like a taste in my mouth..
Yes a taste, very faint, but still there
I can just see myself. Released into space
Suffocating from the lack of oxygen
Just so peacefully dying
I don’t want to blink and be dead
No…I want to feel it…to feel it slowly slipping away

I have these day dreams, where I’m in Chernobyl..
Walking down the street wearing the uniform of one of the original fire men..helmet to boots…
Just walking the empty city like a zombie
Letting the radiation turn my skin pail, my veins showing like I’m some kind of junkie,
A Fox walks up and asks? Why do you have that on, you know it’s covered with more radiation than anything else here right?
I turn to the Fox, with a blank face, a cold set of eyes and a dry voice….reply..we don’t eat,,,falling over dead shortly after
The Fox looks to the sky and softly mumbles…the world will never be the same..in a sorrowful way

I’d sell my soul to the devil himself….if he could make that come true…as long as my body disappeared, and no one ever knew…not because I want to shield anyone..simply because I’m cold..colder than the peaks of mounteverest, and deeper than the bottomless pit I fell in,

Good day


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WOODESITY 4/21/2016 - 11:44 pm

Chernobyl – I remembered Game STALKER

DarkOvercast 4/23/2016 - 7:50 pm


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