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perception of time/reality

by 4beyondhelp

I’m not sure if the way I perceive it is normal, so can you all let me know on this? I usually don’t have an innate sense of if something that happened was 3 days ago or 3 weeks ago. I have to go by numerical dates, or if I don’t have those, I have to carefully go through the logical sequence of events and match up specific events before and after whatever I’m thinking of, and find numerical dates for those so that I can come up with a range and figure out when it was.

I can mostly remember things that happened yesterday as definitely having been yesterday, and I don’t really mix up the order in which things happened except for when I recall things from several years or more back. But most of my memories from more than about 6-8 months ago seem like dreams. I really only know for sure what is real from what would make sense in context (other people referring to it, logical sequence of events, etc).

Is this more or less a normal way of perceiving time? Is it significant of anything or am I just overdramatic?


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kamidaka 4/19/2016 - 10:30 pm

I think it’s normal, people aren’t meant to remember every single event in their life with… “full resolution”. The good thing is that you can remember, a little messy but that’s alright c:

quaero 4/20/2016 - 4:30 pm

This happens with me too. I think it’s because of the continuous stress.

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