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If I Could Attend My Funeral

by CocoaS2cookie

You know, I don’t believe in God or heaven or hell. Maybe in that one sentence, if they existed, I condemned myself. The rational part of me thinks we just cease to exist. Sure, people remember us but there is no part of our consciousness or spirit that lingers, I think.

At the same time, I wish I could see what happens right after I die. I wish I could hear what people said, their true feelings, if they had any regrets. For the last thing, at least, I think they should have done something before they had time to regret. Life is too short for regrets. We never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

It’s weird, but I wish I could be at my funeral. I wish I could hear the stories or memories that people share, in case I have forgotten them. Or, if I remembered them, how did that time feel to them. I want to soak up everyone’s sorrows and memories and take them with me, if I was there.

If I could attend my funeral, I wonder if I would see my dead body and call it fat. I’d wonder who put makeup on me, when I never slept with it on. I’d wonder if my family would actually feel like they’ll never get over it. Id wish I could tell them it’s okay, that things will get better, that life will go on. I’d tell everyone who would be blaming themselves that it’s not their fault. I’d tell them I’m still listening. I’d say that I loved them until the very end. I’d laugh with my coworkers and apologize about the work I’ve left them.

If I could attend my funeral, I’d tell them that there was no need to come. That a funeral is for show, and in reality I was put to rest before I was placed in a casket.

If I could attend my funeral, I’d probably want to un-kill myself. I’d probably be sorry for what I did and for all the pain I was seeing. I’d want to take it back. But it would be too late for that.


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rocketman 5/26/2016 - 7:04 pm


interesting, I’m going to just make a few comments for shits and giggles!

it would be basically the same as other funerals, i have a theory about funerals,how many people come to your birthday parties? 5, 10, 20? figure about the same except a few extra people that didn’t even knew you.

When you go to a funeral the person in the box never looks the same! Yeah because strangers fix you up.

Why do you wonder? You should care more about what people think about you while your alive.

i wouldn’t worry about what people think about you when you die, because when they die nobody will think about you unless your Elvis.

To be honest it doesn’t matter once you die, not even for Elvis!!

Nothing wrong i guess about thinking about it, but it doesn’t mean anything really.

This type of thinking really doesn’t help you while your alive, AND YES IT’S IMPORTANT TO HAVE A WILL. OTHER WISE ANYTHING GOES!!!!! They could dress you up in a bikini!

i will be burned up! and thrown into to ocean. and my last statement in writing would be “IT’S BEEN FUN BUT NOT REAL FUN GOOD LUCK! MY TROUBLES ARE OVER!”

Morris 5/26/2016 - 7:37 pm

Most of the funerals I’ve been to have at least one person who starts preaching when they get up to say a few words about the deceased. I’ll be annoyed if anyone delivers a sermon at my funeral. I won’t have the option of walking away, I’ll just have to lay there and listen to them drone on. Ugh.

ZeldaSky 5/27/2016 - 2:32 am

Thanks for the reminder- I’ll have to put absolutely no religious fluff at my funeral, thank you very much! Hmmm… but I guess writing a will is one of those things I just never get around to.

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