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by marellius

my parents said i can either pay rent or get out, and im 15. i cannot wait to be out of there, yeah. i do like nothing as it is, cannot hang out with friends, cannot even go to the store. if i want something i have a friend go get it, like clothes or something. otherwise i have to pay my parents for gas, time, the actual thing i need, and thats only if they are already going anyway. im barely there as it is though, im just outside doing nothing a lot. listening to music. i sleep there, but i dont eat there, dont play there, and sometimes i actually just sleep out on the trampoline. or sneak over to the one neighbor who kind of understands, and stay there. they talk shit about me to other people that i know, neighbors and friends, and the way they look at me is awful. they dont understand me, but they refuse to try. i have had to become an adult way before i was ready, and i miss being a kid. so i try and stay outside, in the woods or whatever. but i seriously dont know what to do, they are pushing me away, and im sorry if this sounds bad but i dont actually care that our relationship is unfixable, i just have no clue where im supposed to live since i cannot afford rent. any idea’s of what to do?


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SeeSmith 6/9/2016 - 12:44 pm

While parents have the right to make important decisions about their children’s lives, they also have certain legal duties. Parents are legally required to support their minor children. Supporting your kids includes providing food, clothing, shelter, and basic care. Failing to provide for your kids can lead to neglect or abuse charges in most states.

Parental obligations typically end when a child reaches the age of majority, which is 18 years old in most states. However, you may wish to check your state’s legal ages laws to see if they vary from this standard.

shatterediris 6/9/2016 - 8:08 pm

wait when they say “leave or pay rent” do they mean like right now? Or do they just mean once you are considered an “adult”? (not sure where you live, but depending on that it could be a little while or very very soon -_- ) either way that isn’t very kind of your parents and you probably shouldn’t care in anyway if you never speak to them again…. Welp I hope this goes well for you, and that you do find a way to be able to afford rent somewhere :/ rent is expensive almost everywhere 🙁

marellius 6/9/2016 - 11:56 pm

yeah, its 18. and they mean right now. i just kind of left and crashed at a neighbor’s house. well in a close neighborhood to mine, so not really neighbors, but haylee’s my friend and my parents dont know her, and she lives on her own. i will probably go back in like a week or so. im the one that does all the chores. so the house is probably in chaos haha, and i can maybe see if i can make it a bit longer. my dad works. my brother and sister play together. my mom facebooks. and my dad is the nice one, i love him to death, but he lets my mom stomp all over him. anything she says goes, and she is the one who is the problem i guess. i feel so sorry for him, he is being worked to death between the stress of his job, then coming home to my mom telling him he does nothing. then my mom started subbing for school teachers every once in a while, saved up money, and is leaving to go to costa rica with a friend. her excuse is that its her money that she made. as if my dad makes money for only himself, yeah… no. kk gone a bit off topic. i think im good for now, but it still just feels like im just dragging myself through every day, instead of actually enjoying it. theres just nothing to do, and then i find myself just living and breathing, and i cannot seem to hold on to anything. it just comes and goes. i hate it. im the type to hold onto things tightly, keep my memories close while i make new ones. very messed up perspective for me… thanks, you guys, and hope you are doing well. if not, feel free to talk, though i dont really know how this site works, so theres a chance that i wont even know that you are, but i will figure it out 🙂

nepheliad 6/10/2016 - 12:08 am

If they don’t allow you back in their house, you’ll have to contact social services. When I was 15 I worked, bought my own clothes and shit, and groceries when I wanted ‘special’ items, but my parents paid for my schooling fees and usually had food in the house. No matter what kind of arguments we got into, I can’t remember them threatening to kick me out, because it would be ILLEGAL. My mother was always aware that social services could intervene, and so made sure that my siblings and I were properly provided for, at least. (I won’t go into the negative stuff.)

Your mom is being a moron who needs to get her head checked, and a visit from social services will hopefully straighten her out.

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