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when i was in the 4th grade my parents decide to get a  divorce. everyone who has been through one probably has a similar picture with the same line “we both love you very much”. but after that my dad was gone a lot. so here i am growing up with only my mother who is depressed herself and stressed to take care of 3 kids. we would fight a lot! but one day we got into a huge argument and she locked me in my room. i remember scream crying all day hungry thirsty for water, maybe at one point i got my phone that she had taken to call my friend, but i think she just laughed at me. so i opened the window yelling for help. scared to actually yell loud enough to be taken away but still pushing in the hope maybe they will take me away.  the day wanton and at one point my older brother came in and told me to stop cry. he picked me up and shook me and yelled in my ear. he asked me if i needed to go to a hospital forever because thats where I’m going if i don’t stop. i pushed my way out of his arms then onto my bed when my mom came in. you could see the burning anger in her eyes. i turned on my back covering my butt with my hands because i knew what she was going to do next. holding to the bed as tight as i could she tried to pull me off but couldn’t get me. my bed had tall white bed post that could unscrew from the frame and one was broken and sitting on the floor. she bends over quickly and like smashing a tomato next to my head slams it on the bed. missing by just the slightest it bounces back off my nose. when i finally go back to school, i tell my friends what happened to me. quickly they break out into a dark laughter. they called me bed post for months, but ill never forget what happened.

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Suki251 7/7/2016 - 6:47 pm

I’m so sorry your family didn’t tried to understand your feelings.

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