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by lissbabe

Depression will always come back and bite you when you least expect it but you need to be stronger than that urge to hide away and fear the world because the world is not always that bad, indeed you will get people who will judge you even laugh at you whether it’s for the fact you dress different or even talk different, hell you could even act different but that’s your choice. You have to believe this is not the end no matter how much people will put you down because everyone is different not one person is the same as another. This is what makes the world so different and nothing in the world is a bore because this is how we make it. So whenever that depression comes back or even if you see that black hole creeping up on you and you see it getting bigger and bigger, getting ready to swallow you up in your own pain and anguish you have to be prepared to fight it and show that black hole or depression that your stronger than falling for it’s trap because you are just because you have a weak moment and feel like utter shit doesn’t mean you have to give up because you are stronger than that and even if you don’t believe that other people do. They might not show it but it’s true, and i’m not one of those people that will bullshit you because I’ve been through depression so many times because as soon as it goes you think it’s done and dusted that it’s finally gone but it will still come back however you just have to be strong and i know saying it is a lot easier then doing it but you can do it

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idm 9/19/2016 - 8:14 am

Strong fighting words, spoken from experience.. Hopeful encouragement, thanks for sharing.

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