please make it stop

  October 28th, 2016 by death bunny

deathbunny is drunk. had two shots of absinthe. deathbunny is depressed, frustrated, running out of hope fuel and is suicidal.

i need to get away, yet i can’t. i’m stuck in this hellish reality. every day is torture for me. i hate it. i fucking hate this. i hate the everyday social interaction, i just want to be left alone, slowly decaying with a smile smeared on my face.

where did i go wrong? how did i come to this? i’m so sick of this. make it stop… please… i’m in pain. i’m bleeding all over the place but nobody sees the blood. it is not red. it is motor oil, for i am part machine, slowly dehumanizing.

fuck people.

fuck those petty sons of bitches.

fuck all the staring and the glances, may crows will poke your eyes out.

this is hell. and i’m burning every day.

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