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Happy Endings

by lonelygirl645

Happy endings don’t come to everyone. Some people aren’t meant for happy endings. I’m one of those people. My happiness always seems to come at a price. When something good happens to me, something bad quickly follows. I can’t remember a time where I was happy for longer than a week. It’s like a cursed. I’m cursed.

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The Last Snorlax 12/6/2016 - 6:41 pm

stop cursing yourself, you just fulfill your own perception of yourself that way
happiness doesn’t “come” it’s worked for, granted some sadly have to work harder for it than others, but doesn’t not render it nonexistent, for anyone.
everything in the universe has a price, action – reaction, everything has a consequence
we just have to prepare for it, handle it as best we can, respond to the actions-reactions in a way that doesn’t worsen the consequences.
You are not cursed, on this I’m sure
the Universe has blessed you with something incredible, cruel and wonderful in its own; chance
up to you to use that chance, over and over, even if it seems you are out of chances and luck, to find your happiness
the universe gave you all the tools you need for your happiness, all that is left up to you is take it, use it and make it

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