is it really cutting?

  September 22nd, 2017 by deadgrave

call me weak, i already call myself that.

just this year everything around me got too much to handle and i experimented with self harm. well sort of self harm. i don’t use any objects sharp enough to make the wounds bleed right after. (it does scab over the next day)

i don’t know if that counts as self harm or not, but when I started doing it i justified it saying “it’s not real cutting I’m not using a razor or anything.”

but now i have scars on my arms, they’re faint (some of them are pretty obvious) since i don’t use a razor, but they’re there.

what are your thoughts? is what Im doing actually cutting or self harm?

(it helps me get my anger on myself out, and relieve stress. i know it’s not healthy and i’m trying to get help)

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