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Relapse. Again. Lol

by They Call Me Amy

Hello everyone, long time no see

Yeah, I am still here. I’ve been doing a psychiatric treatment for approximately 6 months. Still feeling empty, still depressed, sick of people, and my birthday is this week, which reminds me how much I hate still being alive.

Today was the first time I self harmed since March. I was making good progress, but life sucks and so do I. My scars are my friends so they are keeping me company.

I just feel like shit. I am invisible. Everyone would be better off without me. I just wish I could end everything.


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mllekathy 10/19/2017 - 8:30 pm

I don’t know you and this is the first post of yours I’ve seen (since I’ve literally just signed up), but even though I’m a stranger I’d like to acknowledge how long it’s been since you’ve self harmed. Since March? That’s actually great. I’m not making this up. Everyone has relapses, especially when you call your scars friends. They’re not friends, however, they are battle scars. But you need to keep on this battle. Because there are enemies in your brain that you keep fighting. Every time you see your skin that’s healed, you should be reminded that your body is also fighting back to keep alive. Your body does not want to die and it’s a miraculous thing. So, don’t feel lost whenever you self harm again or ponder losing this battle. You’re doing great.
PS. Sorry if this is really cheesy. Lol.

Darkspark 10/19/2017 - 9:28 pm

glad your still here

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