how on earth did my online friend find my comment?

  November 11th, 2017 by sadlife958

I have some online friends that I made from chats on YouTube live streams. And IDK how my online friend found my comment?  Could it be from my G+ account that’s attached to my gmail YouTube account+ IDK.  Anyways as you see my names Russ(Nick name) but I removed my last name and Sophie’s last name to.


“I came here because I am at the end of my line! to whoever is reading word of advice if things ever go bad out of nowhere in your life please don’t ignore it and stress about it fix it or it will get worse and do not act on stress! what I’m trying to say is don’t drink or don’t smoke because life is bad or life is too difficult! push yourself forward and think positive don’t let things get so late where you’re at the corner and stuck because then there is no way out! and that’s exactly where I am right now! trust only yourself love your family if they betray you like the way mine did it’s okay just use that lesson to know who loves you and who doesn’t and do not ever allow them to betray you again. If your family is in serious debt and you have a future that you created for yourself never ever put that future down to help your family because when everything is done & everything is paid and their all set they could forget about you like the way mine did. If you have never ever been in a relationship like myself, it’s okay  but do not let it drag on especially while your young fix it or else you’ll brake down fast even though for myself it was a lost cause “I’m handsome for no reason”. Anyways this song was peaceful to listen to on my way to work while stuck in traffic. I have been through a lot & not too many people know what I’ve been through not my family I just keep it quiet and walk but soon soon enough it’ll all be over so I just beg the none of you fall into this corner and waste time like I did. To those who read this comment and to those who didn’t god bless you both smile for me :)”

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