Empty Promises

  December 10th, 2017 by AZSAM

If you believe in God, I want to know why.  I’ve tried, hard.  It all seems like lies and empty promises.  I’ve done what was asked.  I followed the rules.  Nothing good ever happens.  The love of my life just walked away after 2 years.  I’ll never get over her.  She’s not perfect but sure as hell was perfect for me.  In every way.  For 2 years, I prayed, cried, kicked and screamed.  I begged God to find a way to put us together for forever.  Ultimately she decided God didn’t want us to be together.  What!?!?  He never talked to me about it.  Church every sunday, helping others, giving to charity, talking to others about him.  What else do I have to do?  He refused to help or talk to me.  So I’m going to leave.  Go find him and see WTF his is problem with me.  Why do you believe?  What evidence do you have (hint: great kids are not an answer)

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