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God has answered my prays, I was reborn-ed.

by Urm8451n

Hey, good day for all of you.
This will be my last post

, because I have changed, and I’m quit-ing this site.
For those who didn’t follow my posts, or read the last posts of mine, I wanted to wake up today, fearless and with out feelings.

Fully honest with all of you strangers: for the last days I have been fighting in my mind, over the control of this body. As if I fought with my “anxiety” persona, which fears failures. Today I guess my other persona won, because I’m fearless. I’m focused on what I want and when I want it.

I’m just a kid, I know it. But even as a grown kid, I have let fear push me back. I have feared taking second chances.

It is over now. I have gotten pushed over the sides into the no return part. I’m going to keep low level my psychopath persona. I’m going to be focused on my prey, but my prey will be something good this time. I will focus on “preying” the tests and doing my best at the university.

I don’t care no more of how hard this is going to be, and I don’t give a fuck about what I felt, or how was my childhood. That is just some shit pushing me back.

I know how to deal with the financial problems, I know how to deal with the homeworks. So why I have to be so low passioned about it?
I dont.

I hope you guys will go through it. I know you guys dont have an easy way out.

I wish you could have lost your feelings one time. I guess it only happens to who is abused at early age lol haha .

wish you the best, be brave and keep your hands together. Because together you stand, and alone you fall down.

If you read up to here and believe others should read it , you can comment. I won’t reply because I’m not going back to this. If others will see comments, they will go inside to read it too.

ps; I wish I could have been your friend, I wish I could have been your guide. I think I can do great at those jobs, but sadly I don’t live next to you people and don’t really have time for it.

All I can say to you people – stay fear less

Yours, Jack


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mountaingoat 12/28/2017 - 4:29 pm

Sometimes that happens. I hope your intense suffering is truly over. May you be learned enough now to not slip back into the pit.

goodguy 1/6/2018 - 4:07 am

I love this guy:) cheers

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