The worst year

  December 23rd, 2017 by The Wrong Boy

So….man,that wont to be a good year,it’s not just for me but for everyone here in the blog,i know it has persons with more problems than me or we but i just don’t like to have these problems,my life is just a sadness history with so many pain and depression….and that are not just words but feelings…MY feelings,and now my feelings are so sad….downed…btw,here…do you know Christmas?..Yeah,it’s what’s going to happen soon but now i already recived my gift AND i recived NOTHING….seriously,i just recived nothing,my 3 sisters just recived a fucking Tablet…..i don’t care about what they recived,but,man,i just need a good day,a good event,and i heard so many promises what in the end they are just lies….my family is a fucking liar (i already expected this,but just forget this)… i just need to cry or something like that,i just want to die…….or some thing that will gonna be alright in my life soon……i can’t hold anymore…it’s my family,my friends,it’s EVERYONE in my life,i just want forget they….I’m sorry for that….bye.

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