Financial Stress

  January 29th, 2018 by Letmyheartsing

I want to be financially and mentally and also physically successful buy age 30. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be the special person I want to be the person inside me. I want a wife and kids too.

By age 30 I want to be worry free about everything everyone else thinks about a specially money. I don’t want to be down and depressed all my life. I’m lucky because I’m only 16 now so I know I have time, time to invest in myself.

My mom tells me “jahmar your black and the only way to be successful is to to go college” sometimes I look at her crazy  but she doesn’t understand. College is the wrong way to go if your looking tords being financially successful. Unless I wanted to be a doctor or something but no. I want to be debt free and financial free and I know exactly how to get there without going to college.

The point here is that most people are stressed out because of bills and stuff, some of those people do have a degree. Some people can’t take it so they take there lives because they can’t afford living and stuff. But I’m different.

To all those people,”money isn’t everything” money helps you live, eat, buy, sell etc… You need money for everything. My mom has just enough to afford $1,000 rent in a single family house and she’s worrying alot about money. She has 5 kids to feed.

I don’t want to suffer like my mom and dad.


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