The Constant

  January 4th, 2018 by Justnoonemuch

I joined in 2016. I found this site by chance. I have watched many people come and go from this site and I miss them. Many are dead I have no doubt. Some just haven’t been on in a long time and have forgotten this place. I remember this one lad. He would post the most beautiful poems about his dead wife/gf he never said which. But in his poems he told his story and you could just feel his pain. I sometimes wonder about him. Another person always posted on everyone’s posts. Went through a divorce. Lost his high dollar company. He was always here for everyone. And even though he was decades older than myself I considered him a friend and I miss him. I think about him too. So many people pass through this place. I wish I too could pass through one way or another. Yet I have a feeling that I will be here to listen for more years to come.

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