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  January 23rd, 2018 by Urm8451n

I wanted to be open with you – I see you guys as friends – and tell you that I’m fucking scared.

I’m a student, 20 y.o, young, unsure of myself, and dealing with etc…….[doesn’t really matter].

As most of you know, February is Final Exams month.

I’m facing one of my biggest challenges I’ve ever had so far.
Even more than facing my father’s abusive behavior, or dealing with my mom’s suicide attempt .

I don’t know what this month will bring, I can either fail hard and go down as a man, or succeed.

Either way, I’m choosing to study the best I can. Short stops, smart choices, and knowing my weaknesses.

The uni shrink told me to use my ability to manage things. He said I should use this way of thinking more often. I have to admit it really brought my self-esteem to a new summit.
Therefor, now I can tell you that I managed my studying plan, and hoping I would succeed.

I would love to hear you guys, of how to manage this, and how to perfect my studying. I really appreciate your comments, and care. It means a lot !!!.

PS: I have this minor problem – I feel emotionally lonely, anyone has advice of how to co-op with this feeling when it comes up ?
—- I used to have a female friend that I talked to a lot, but her bf got —– jealous and told her to stop messaging me 🙁 .

Really looking toward your comments,

Anyhow, stay strong, be brave, Yours – Jac

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