February 7th, 2018 by Letmyheartsing

So whenever I do anything, no one appreciates it. I mean everything online, at school, at home.

I lost a lot of motivation. I don’t have s**t, it’s too hard to do simple things, some people basically tell me it’s impossible to get where I want to be. Are they just jealous of my ambition at a young age?!?!

My ultimate dream is to own a multi-billion dollar company, and have real estate investment properties all over the country one day. I want the cars, mansions, a wife, gold, diamonds and respect. F**k what everyone else does or say to me. I’m in control. ALL YOU NEED IN LIFE IS HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE AND, HAPPINESS.

Once again I don’t have shit, I want to get a job but nobody is hiring and if they are, I’m still too lazy to do the application. I’m a very sensitive person and I take things personal and I can’t help it!

Suicide is always the back up plan.

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