Message to myself..

  February 19th, 2018 by nonexistingsoul

Hey you. You can still live that way. Living with a heavy heart, a chaotic mind, that’s fine. You can use it as your strength. Being like that pushes yourself to be better. You’re an artist. You can let out your demons in your drawings. You can draw your own world. You can express anything through your pen. If it hurts, draw! Drawing is a big part of your life, you know that without this, you’re useless! Being able to draw is a gift for you! It serves as your protector in life! Even if sometimes you can’t draw, remember that you draw to live. It is a big source of your life! If you think others are better than you, That’s fine! You can be better also. They are just way ahead of you but it doesn’t mean you can’t catch up to them or overtake them. It takes time.

I know today I’m being optimistic cause I know it will be a long time again to be like this again, so while I’m at it, I’m leaving you this message. Always read this. Don’t forget!

-Your Optimistic Self

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