No, Sandman won’t be back unless you let him to

  February 24th, 2018 by goodguy

Hi guys its goooodguyyy!:D

i know i said that i won’t be back until i do the exam. but i just checked sp i thought maybe its good if i talk about the way i was doing these months.

yeah i said i was trying to make a difference and a change in me and my life and since then i have failed 23 times(today is counted). i have tried and failed,tried and failed:D. well, i know im not perfect but i am forgiving, i may not be where i should be but im making progress, im moving forward im not where i used to be 🙂

since then i have downloaded so many motivational videos(20). i watch them whenever i feel the need and when the stupid feelings come.”beinspired” the yutube channel is very good.i listen to so many speeches of les brown. Les is 73 and i really want to meet him before he is gone.
this video is really really good. please watch it 🙂
if you are a little tired and don’t like the motivational shouts and stuuff, watch it from minute 7. its the best part of it )

nowadays i think that 19 years of my life has past so fast, and now my mom and dad are 47 y/o my uncle is 50, grandma is 65 (and so many other people that i love) and in a blink of an eye passes another 20 years… and (im fine something just went in my eye 😀 ) and these people may not be around anymore then… and i will be so sad:(. since im thinking this way, every moment is good and the very best moment i have in a day is when we’re having dinner and family is together. i try to be more thankful to my mom and dad and others. be more polite and …

i workout, drink 2 cups of coffee per day(around 7-8 am,5-6 pm), spread love, be positive, be wishful, be patience, be happy, be thankful, make better music, try to study better and …

we live only once, and a life can be happy if you want to.
the world is in the way it is and i have only one life, so at least i try to live a good life :). as joel osteen says:” life is too short to go through it with negative things holding us down.”

every time i want to check sp, im worried about something.
the thing is to see if a friend has done “it”.
so i don’t check usually. sorry this is the way i am because i really like to meet you guys in person and if “it” happens, thats not good:l.
but the good thing is to see that some people are still around:).
still caring and still helping eachother to make a better living.

now im worried about clippedwings. she is like my second mother. i really like the way she talks to everyone. i have learned a lot from her.
wish she is fine right now.

love you all
ps: sorry guys if i didn’t reply back to your comments in the last post.

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